The Absence // Attilio Solzi

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PHROOM ATTILIO SOLZI The Absence   Instagram publisher: 89Bookstext by: Ilaria Sponda “A photograph is both a pseudo-presence and a token of absence”.Susan Sontag Undoubtedly venturing from the path first trodden by Roland Barthes among others, Susan Sontag pierces the heart of the nature of photographs, for them to be tracks of the that-has-been, evidence […]

Attilio Solzi

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PHROOM   HOME Projects Interviews Book Reviews Videos Texts TV Artists About Submission Newsletter   ATTILIO SOLZI ODD ONE OUT Instagram ODD ONE OUT project is composed of photos of installations made on a wall of my studio. The installations are made with photocopies of my photos, stones, copper wires, adhesive tape and objects from […]

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