Mattia Balsamini

PHROOM // Mattia Balsamini

MATTIA BALSAMINI Protege Noctem   websiteInstagram Selected from GETXOPHOTO → info   In the 1990s, Europe and Russia tried to create a network of satellites that would reflect sunlight and illuminate the Earth permanently. Fortunately this fantasy of total lighting did not prosper, but we have arrived at a similar situation by other means, as completely […]

Mattia Balsamini

PHROOM magazine // international research platform and contemporary fine art photography and video art magazine // project

Mattia Balsamini: Moved to Los Angeles, California in 2008. Assisted still life, adv, fashion photographers for a while, carried lots of strobes and stands and cases for them. In 2010 assisted David LaChapelle at his Hollywood Studio, working both on set and in the archive. Graduated with Honorable Mention at Brooks Institute and moved back […]

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