The project is dedicated to my beloved son.

We never know what is beyond our minds. What are the boundaries of understanding reality? Or maybe it is the fiction of our imagination? As Garry Kasparov once said “chess are the torment of reason”. There are so many options of development of the events in the world and it can be very well traced on a chessboard. After three moves on each side, more than nine million possible positions appear. In the world of the subconscious the boundaries are erased, you become the part of something unconscious and uncontrollable, where the player can suddenly become a figure and his path will be a square on a chessboard.
My son has been playing chess since he was four years old. Constant hours of training and championships reflect on him as long uncontrolled conversations while sleeping. Sometimes you can hear the flow of the chess game, and sometimes it is an internal cry of a losing player. There are also absurd stories through a dream, you can only guess the plot or try to imagine what really happens on a subconscious level through elusive dreams. This illusion is difficult to describe in words, so you can only try to show it through the lens.

Natali Agryzkova is an Ukrainian photographer living in Mykolayiv. She has been working as a professional commercial photographer since 2017, specializing in portrait and art photography. In the spring of 2019, she began to engage in conceptual and social photography. Member of MYPH Gallery and school.

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