In February 2017 Giertz had a solo exhibition midst Düsseldorf photo weekend with her series ”Alzheimer”, exhibited at Katharina Mayer’s Atelier. Further Giertz was part of the group exhibition ”inside@instagram” at Onomato Künstlerverein’s gallery.
Through sharp observations she uniquely unchain transient feelings from time, skilfully mixing enigma with precise realism. By emphasising imagery with her original writing her output tumbles between being shy and loud, clear and ceaselessly filled with mystery.

Alba Giertz (b. 1987) is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm. She started working as a photographer at the early age of 10 and had her first solo exhibition at 14. Giertz studied photography at Kulturama in Stockholm, and has worked in Paris and Cannes. Additionally she has a background in cinema photography. As head of photography on several productions at Nordisk Film TV and has worked many years on different productions in Swedish television. However, as a teen and young adult her life was contained by addiction and mental health issues. During her first sober years she began suffering from unsettling delusions and had to pause from her photographic practice 2011-2015. Since the summer of 2015 Giertz has found her way back and has this time chosen to take a narrower focus in the sub fine art scene where she’s unapologetically free to express a darker view.”

Copyright © Alba Giertz, all rights reserved

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