Under a starry sky we will embark on an open-eyed meditation to savor the beauty of the cosmos. Starting from the Earth, and passing through the Moon, the Sun, and then navigating with the mind through infinite spaces and times, we will try to instill in us a cosmic vision of existence, uniting in one symphony the melody of the individual and the harmony of the universe.

Alberto Pepe is director of strategy at Wiley Publishing House where he focuses on open research and science outreach. Alberto holds bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in Astrophysics and Computer Science from Harvard University, UCLA, and University College London. Alberto was previously a Marie Curie Fellow at CERN in Geneva. He is a founding member of Authorea, a platform that provides scientific services to various scientific institutions including the American Geophysical Union. Alberto is from Manduria, Puglia, Italy, lives in New York City, and in his spare time writes stories and meditations for the Rational Mystics project.

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