La Mala Fortuna

“La Mala Fortuna” is a photographic project about an internal search. In the wake of an identity crisis that manifested itself through strong anxiety, I began to ask myself questions about my place in the world and the true nature of my sensitivity.
It was through my approach to photography that I managed to channel in a productive way the sensations that my permanent state of alertness has made me suffer. Trying to investigate the reasons for my psychological state, I began to take photos guided by a need to reveal myself to the world, in order to reveal myself. A very instinctive process, not very rational, somewhat visceral. It is in melancholy, anguish, boredom, nostalgia (for the past and future) and boredom where the photographs of this project are reflected. Each photograph functions as a microcosm that works both alone and together. Sometimes thought (almost never), sometimes found (almost always), they inhabit a place between found reality and idealized reality, like visual poems where the meaning is never clear and a space is established for imagination and also for reflection. . I keep asking myself unanswered questions about the world around me and my position in it and it is these images that I get in response. “La Mala Fortuna” is the universe that I have created to be able to explain myself to the world.

Alejandra Vacuii (Spain, 1987), is the artistic pseudonym of Alejandra Rodríguez. She has a degree in Artistic Photography and she continued training at Blank Paper (Madrid), holding workshops with photographers such as Óscar Molina or David Jiménez. Although on a professional level she has always linked her work with fashion, it is in her personal work where she finds the poetic space where she can express herself, always through black and white and through dense and mysterious images. Her projects revolve around abstract sensations and emotions such as loss, melancholy, nostalgia or anxiety.

Copyright © Alejandra Vacuii, all rights reserved

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