Il Disordine




The crystal structure of a mineral is a regular and ordered set of atoms.  This invisible structure originates the outer form, which is clearly visible, called “crystalline habit”.  A manifestation of the invisible.   Sometimes growth is hindered by the simultaneous development of other crystals;   the result is a mass of densely aggregated individuals.   An agglomeration of one or more minerals forms a rock.   Is it possible to give visible form to our thought?

Alessio Pinna was born in Cannigione – Italy in 1998. Moved to Milan in 2017, where he began his studies at IED Milano. In 2022 he cofunded Studio Cratere, a photographic production company. His attentive and concentrated gaze on the world is simply the result of a profound curiosity for the phenomena that surround us and which can only be satisfied through a pure form of experience.

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