Sunless is a stream-of-consciousness sequence of photographs that I display as diptychs or in book form, created in the initial months of the pandemic, and made into a zine in 2021. I photographed portions of my computer screen as it displayed my own old photographs, as well as photographs found online. I wanted to give these images another life within the confines of quarantine, to find meaning in their details, and to capture them in a way that echoed the sense of strangeness and disconnect which I was feeling at the time. Zooming in close to the screen and what it displayed, I rephotographed within this contained space as though it were its own landscape, embracing the interference patterns, low resolution, and subtle color that resulted.

PHROOM // Anastasia Davis

Anastasia Davis studied psychology and philosophy before turning her attention to photography in 2012. Her work is concerned with sensory and emotional experience and its translation into meaning, and she is interested in the parallels between photography and certain perceptual states. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Photography at the University of Hartford.

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