I was a professional swimmer from age 4 to 18. I spent most of those 14 years in the following way: I went to the swimming pool before and after school, and After the trainings, finally I could go home to my family. The series what I am working on at the moment are about this period of my life. Each community can be considered a micro community with their own rules in which participants have to learn to live to be able to succeed. Some can find the ways, others do not even try it. I tried hard to assimilate to each community I belonged to and I found out that they got to know different people in me. Changing gestures, voices and mimics came to my mind when I recall that period. I started to shoot mostly with friends at first, however when I found strangers in some touching situations, I did ask them for a picture. Spending a lot of time with training, travelling, training camps, missing out trainings because friends, ignoring my family, missing my family and then spending time with my family all characterise my life. In retrospect I experienced a lot of things in the past I did not even notice. This fact called my attention to this topic and I show it in pictures.

András Ladocsi works with the mediums of photography and film. During the university years he started to work with youth and emerging identities which is a concept he continues to present through his projects. His practice begins with research through his surroundings to find situations that he recreates in the self contained context of the gallery space. Through his works, he would like to explore pieces of truth in movements (physical, emotional and psychic), or to capture the honesty in the looks of his subjects. It can be a personal, even private truth, but it can refer to something absolutely universal at the same time.

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