“SALIVA” is a collection of photographs taken in 2021 with a focus on subjects in low light surroundings throughout the city of Monterrey, McAllen, and New York in specific locations important to the photographer. While not having a particular focus on fashion, it does play a significant role in the composition overall, having carefully chosen and planned outfits before the shoot.
Having chosen to hide away the faces of his subjects or being displayed in an up-close-and-personal form, the main theme of this collection of photos is intimacy and loneliness; following up to last year’s “WASTE” collection, it also follows through with a lot of the same elements such as direct/strong flash and long exposure photography, while incorporating human beings into them this time around.

Anhell Gomez was born (1994) and raised in the city of Weslaco: a small town in the southernmost part of Texas. Mainly working on the musical projects of Shark Camp and Peach Ghoul as a student of Audio Engineering, Anhell branched out to other artistic mediums to further express his creative visions.
His most current visual project “WASTE” was published in 2021 by Trash Press Co, an 8.5×11 inch zine displaying a collection of photographs taken during the first year of the pandemic in a 36-page zine. The first physical release was online-only and sold out within the first hour of going live, whereas the second pressing was twice as many copies and also sold in physical locations.

Copyright © Anhell Gomez all rights reserved

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