Blue Bond

duration: 8’44”
year: 2019

The video work puts on stage, using the same shots, the meeting between James Bond and his Bond Girl in some of the most iconic films from the saga. The soundtrack and the dialogues used are the originals of the film.

The peculiarity of the video is given by the two main characters who are reinterpreted wearing respectively a blue jumpsuit for him and a green one with a matching wig for her. The two colors not chosen arbitrarily refer to the chroma key (digital technique used to replace the key color and to make appear in its place something post product generally used to replace the backgrounds of the scenes). The second peculiarity concerns those who act under the suit: James Bond is followed by a woman and the Bond Girl by a man.

The film series based on Ian Fleming’s british spy is noted for holding a mirror up to the aesthetics of its time, especially regarding gender roles in that specific time period.
Blue Bond emphasizes this concept through its attempt to depict the characteristics of the time: especially the fluid border between the sexes, homologation, ambiguity and liquid identities. A single mask is no longer enough but a full suit is required. This is a product of research around the specific digital technique of green screen, which usually acts by subtraction, to replace, but which in this case occurs only at a metaphorical level as a projection of the wishes and canons of the user. Whoever hasn’t seen the original film is deprived of the consecutio temporum and finds himself in front of a “cell freak” that reveals the alienating character and indeterminacy of a scene of love that becomes universal.

Antonio Di Lauro was born in Manfredonia in 1988, grew up in Venezuela. Studied sociology at the Sapienza University of Rome, finished his studies in new media art at the Brera Academy in Milan, and continued his studies specializing in Multimedia Education. His poetic focuses on the relationship between cinematographic language and the body of the viewer. Lives and works in Milan.

Copyright © Antonio Di Lauro, all rights reserved

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