Austin Reynolds (b.1993) is a Florida native born in St. Augustine, Fl. He currently resides in Petaluma, CA where he is attending Santa Rosa Junior College toward a degree in photography. Before his passion for photography began he was a chef for several years working endless hours with ‘the brigade’. In those kitchens he was taught organization and grit, which was later used in his photography. Mise en place (everything in its place) is a philosophy he brings to his photos. The body of work we have here is titled “ Five & Dime”.

Five & Dime

“a store that sells many different small items at low cost, such as things for your house.”

This series is a modest collection of photos taken in Petaluma, California, some fifty miles north of San Francisco. The artist believes that it is good to photograph your surroundings and keep consistency. There is meaning there and a kind of integrity that can be discovered when photographed. Revealing what is close and personal to you can be difficult. Austin Reynolds manages to find the beauty in the mundane whether at his local grocery store or while taking evening walks.

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