Maider Jiménez


 MAIDER JIMÉNEZ Aquí ninguén fala diso Instagram Selected from GETXOPHOTO  → info The obsession with filling our lives with objectives, reaching goals and meeting expectations, our own and others, personal and professional, affects all of us but especially the youngest, who are trapped in the permanent demands of competition. Maider Jiménez addresses the uncertainty caused […]

Bruno José Silva

PHROOM // Bruno José Silva

PHROOM BRUNO JOSÉ SILVA website instagram interview by: Ilaria Sponda Ilaria Sponda: You assert you treat images as mechanisms, tools, concepts. How so? Bruno José Silva: The work I have been developing seeks practical research on the concept of image in our contemporary era. In recent years, I have been looking for different approaches and […]

Noi // Nicoletta Grillo

PHROOM // Nicoletta Grillo - Noi

NICOLETTA GRILLO Noi instagram published by: Boîte Editionstext by: Carlo Caccamo Indexes and thumbs touch above the demonstrators’ heads, spaces of possibility open between fingers. A new collective subject embodies in the streets of Milan in 1978. People run, overtaking the tram. In the faces blurred by the run, we may catch a smile towards […]

Fabio Sandri

PHROOM // Fabio Sandri

PHROOM FABIO SANDRI Garage   websiteinstagram  Prefabricated garage, video camera, projector, virgin photographic paper in continuous impression, contact-printed photographs. Photography is rediscovered matter. For me, photography is a precipitate that allows us to start again from situations of empathy and rediscover a constructive will where we have freed ourselves from (historical) matter and can seek […]

Alessandro Furchino Capria

PHROOM // Alessandro Furchino Capria

PHROOM ALESSANDRO FURCHINO CAPRIA   websiteinstagram interview by: Michela Coslovich    Michela Coslovich: Within your works, you use photographic medium as a representative mirror of sensations and emotions, both personal and collective. In this sense, how did your photographic and creative planning come about and how does it develop? Alessandro Furchino Capria: It depends on […]

Joke // Talia Chetrit

PHROOM // Joke - Talia Chetrit

TALIA CHETRIT Joke instagram published by: MACKtext by: Alessandra Cianetti Talia Chetrit is an American photographer known for her still life and nude portraiture. She was born in Washington D.C. and now works in New York. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at institutions such as the ‘Whitney Museum of American Art’, the […]

Carlo Lombardi

PHROOM // Carlo Lombardi

PHROOM CARLO LOMBARDI Bear Meat  websiteinstagram  “That was bear meat. Now, many years have passed, and I regret having eaten so little of it. I think and hope that each of you has gleaned from life what I have. Well, none of these things, not even remotely, has the taste of bear meat: the taste […]

Shun Zhai

PHROOM // Shun Zhai

PHROOM SHUN ZHAI An inhabitant of Qingdao  instagram  Over the past decades, the emancipation of urban planning has seen a continuous and abrupt reconfiguration of urban layouts in large Chinese cities. “Since the age of 19, my friends and I have been going to buildings that are about to be demolished in Qingdao and taking […]

Last Year at Marienbad

PHROOM // International research platform for visual culture

PHROOM Last Year at Marienbad Alain Resnais (France, 1961)   text by: Alessandra Cianetti “Last Year at Marienbad” (French: “L’Année dernière à Marienbad”) is a 1961 French feature film directed by Alain Resnais, one of the filmmakers who contributed to the theorization of the Nouvelle Vague, of which he was a faithful representative. It is no […]

Sonata // Aaron Schuman

PHROOM // International research platform for visual culture

AARON SCHUMAN Sonata   websiteinstagram published by: MACKtext by: Matteo Cremonesi From the 18th century onwards, the aristocracy of continental Europe began the custom of embarking on long journeys with departure and arrival in the same city in order to perfect their knowledge. The most frequent destination for what was called the Grand Tour was […]

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