Tim Rod

PHROOM // Tim Rod

PHROOM TIM ROD Through the wormhole and back  website Instagram Sometimes I would like to travel back in time and punch myself in the face. There is no closer and more important connection than the one to oneself, I would dare say. We are tied to ourselves, whether we like it or not. At times […]

Shayan Sajadian

PHROOM // Shayan Sajadian

PHROOM SHAYAN SAJADIAN Madness Instagram The bustling suburbs of Iran are the backdrop for unusual stories of resilience, struggle, and enduring quests to be seen. Discrimination, or rejection based on stereotypes leads marginalized individuals to present another image of themselves to get societal mainstream attention. Within the hearts of those marginalized and rejected, a quiet […]

Filippo Telaro

PHROOM // Filippo Telaro

PHROOM FILIPPO TELARO Foresti Dapartuto websiteInstagram The title of this project is Foresti dapartuto, translated from Venetian dialect, Foreigners Everywhere, the title chosen for the Art Biennale 2024. Foresti is a term that in dialect also means tourists, as my brother and I have been on this trip. Besides being tourists, for a long time, […]

Alice Beltrami

PHROOM // Alice Beltrami

PHROOM ALICE BELTRAMI Zanzare Instagram In March I took a trip overseas with my family after a rough period, it was a good time. As happens in summer, time slowed down and stooped under the muggy heat of the day by the sea. Zanzare tells the sensations of that journey: the search for water and […]

Jana Sophia Nolle

PHROOM // Jana Sophia Nolle

JANA SOPHIA NOLLE Living Room San Francisco & Berlin  website Instagram Selected from GETXOPHOTO  → info Nolle’s work complex Living Room addresses the ever increasing discrepancy between rich and poor and examines far-reaching socio-political changes and the dynamics of exclusion and gentrification using the example of housing. The project began in San Francisco in 2017 […]

Lorena Florio

PHROOM // Lorena Florio

PHROOM LORENA FLORIO Essere per Sempre Instagram   Essere per Sempre is a visual research still in progress, mainly focused on moments of childhood and transformation. The images and forms created represent the synthesis of a specific moment, place and body fragment, which come to life in space as organic forms. Lorena Florio (Pescara, 1996) […]

Louis De Belle

PHROOM // Louis De Belle

PHROOM LOUIS DE BELLE Crowd website Instagram book published by: Bruno Every year, Italy’s enormous artistic and natural heritage attracts more than 70 million tourists from all over the world. Rome, Milan and Venice are among the top destinations. Louis De Belle’s series Crowd reframes passive tourism by portraying isolated travelers on the active role […]

Chloé Milos Azzopardi

PHROOM // Chloé Milos Azzopardi

PHROOM CHLOÉ MILOS AZZOPARDI Non Technological Devices websiteInstagram Non Technological Devices are composite tools made from gleaned natural elements, assembled to mimic the technological devices that populate our daily lives. Between rudimentary productions and science-fiction creations, these objects are as much prolongations of bodies as they are hindrances. Associated with invented artefacts whose use remains […]


PHROOM // Momento

PHROOM MOMENTO An exhibition curated by PHROOM in partnership with BRISTOL. Held in via Francesco De Sanctis 71, Milan on June 12th 2024. Works by: Chloé Milos Azzopardi, Alice Beltrami, Louis De Belle, Lorena Florio, Andrea Graziosi, Carlo Lombardi, Filippo Telaro, Shun Zhai. Title design by: Alexandre Cayuela Castilla A non-linear journey between different authorial […]

Hayahisa Tomiyasu

PHROOM // Hayahisa Tomiyasu

HAYAHISA TOMIYASU TTP websiteInstagram Selected from GETXOPHOTO → info   The TTP project—an abbreviation for tischtennisplatte, table tennis in Germanwon the MACK award for best photobook in 2018, using serial narrative, based on repetition and fixed shots, to explore the role of play areas in urban design. For five years, Hayahisa Tomiyasu systematically recorded life around […]

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