Yes to All // Mattia Micheli and Nicolò Panzeri

PHROOM // Mattia Micheli and Nicolò Panzeri

MATTIA MICHELI and NICOLÒ PANZERI Yes to Allpublished by: Emergenzetext by: Matteo Cremonesi “Reinventing the real as fiction, because the real has disappeared from our lives.”Jean Baudillard By organising a photographic survey on the anthropisation of the Alpine arc, Mattia Micheli and Nicolò Panzieri reorganise the narrative of the territory and landscape, giving life to […]

Oksana Meister

PHROOM // Oksana Meister

PHROOM OKSANA MEISTER Ukrainian Bus Stops website instagram This work is a research of the bus stop in Ukraine not only as an architectural object within its direct utilitarian function as a waiting place for public transport in a particular place, but also its communicative function. Bus stops (bus shelters) as small architectural forms belong […]

Maria Mavropoulou

PHROOM // Maria Mavropoulou

PHROOM MARIA MAVROPOULOU Imagined Images websiteinstagram   What is the use of a photograph? If nothing else, it’s a reference point to a specific moment in time, the moment of its creation, the moment it depicts. Especially family photographs are a tie to our personal history, an archive of who we are and where we […]

Giovanni Emilio Galanello

PHROOM // Giovanni E. Galaniello

PHROOM GIOVANNI EMILIO GALANELLO Sotto le Pietre, il Sale website instagram Some myths appear in multiple declinations in civilisations distant from each other, evolving through the centuries taking different names, symbols, shapes, rituals. The myth of a creature half-fish half-human, who comes from the sea to share knowledge of technology and to reveal secrets of […]

The body is a revelation as is landscape // Sofia Masini

PHROOM // Sofia Masini

SOFIA MASINI The body is a revelation as is landscapewebsiteinstagram published by: Witty Bookstext by: Matteo Cremonesi In her recent photographic work, Sofia Masini interrogates the language of images and the usual representation it has produced of the body and the landscape throughout its history. Through a linguistic praxis that is both sensitive and playful […]

Colin Aherne

PHROOM // Colin Aherne

PHROOM COLIN AHERNE Three circles around the sea websiteinstagram   In the autumn of 2022 and spring of 2023, I spent two months in Georgia documenting the current tensions in the country, following the influx of Russian immigrants after the start of the war in Ukraine. Since February 2022, many Russian immigrants have moved to […]

Ana Angilau

PHROOM // Ana Angilau

PHROOM ANA ANGILAU Return to Sender websiteinstagram   Return To Sender is a series of photos that is a love letter to my idea of home. There has been a pandemic, the fear of being lost or the need to find oneself; creating these images was a reminder of my sense of being lost. There […]

Alessio Pellicoro

PHROOM // Alessio Pellicoro

PHROOM ALESSIO PELLICORO Nel quasi invisibile websiteinstagram   Friedrich Nietzsche in “Human Too Human” (1876-1878) had already predicted that in the modern age, different civilizations, cultural fragments and histories would be able to coexist alongside each other mingling and traveling on the same frequency that we human beings can travel. In fact, they share the […]

Gravity // Aapo Huhta

PHROOM // Gravity—Aapo Huhta

AAPO HUHTA  Gravitywebsiteinstagram published by: Kult Bookstext by: Matteo Cremonesi “And you know what, it’s true what they say, we float here and you will float too, in fact everyone will float! Everyone! Everyone will float!!!”Stephen King, “It” In his most recent photographic project, Aapo Huhta creates a path through which he questions the habits […]

Björn Nilsson Fodor

PHROOM // Björn Nilsson Fodor

PHROOM BJÖRN NILSSON FODOR Conversation Failed websiteinstagram   When something changes in a relationship, thoughts, feelings and fears appear. Sometimes there is a struggle. Or a silence. A failed conversation. It is often through heritage, tradition and media that we are taught how a man and a woman “should be” and how they should relate […]

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