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Bärbel Reinhard was born in 1977 in Stuttgart, Germany. After studying art history and sociology in Berlin she graduated in 2010 in photography at Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence, Italy.
Beside her work as photography teacher and freelance she works on personal projects and has exhibited her work in Italy and abroad. The main themes of her interest and work are the characteristics and limits of photography as a space-time- tied medium and its layering, memory and nature.
PHROOM Bärbel Reinhard
as above so below

so very tempting to want to distribute the entire world in terms of a single code.
a universal law would then regulate phenomena as a whole:
two hemispheres, five continents, masculine and feminine,
animal and vegetable, singular plural,
right left, four seasons, five senses, six vowels,
seven days, twelve months, twenty six letters.
unfortunately, this doesn’t work, has never even begun to work,
will never work.
which won’t stop us continuing for a long time to come to categorize
this animal or that according to whether it has
an odd number of toes or hollow horns.
Georges Perec (the world as puzzle)
PHROOM Bärbel Reinhard
While classifications and taxonomies are supposed to reassure undisputed belongings and bonds, the perimeter of our vision brings us to continuous twists: concealed unalterables and sediments of memories, associations, connections do coexist, even by denying a logical disposition.
Looking at the usual, ordinary, the infra-ordinary, also through biographical recollection, the fundamental codes of a culture that impose a priori an order to our experience can seem vague and fragmentary categories. Instead of an inventory – illusion of conquest – a “combinatory” can reveal the loss and the relative at the same time between the signifier and the signified. as above so below is a kind of diary with allusions to extraneous familiarity, to the hermetic idea of non always obvious correspondences in a sort of unconscious and instinctive map of constellations of objects and experiences – the need to pair in a personal depositary.
PHROOM Bärbel Reinhard
PHROOM Bärbel Reinhard
PHROOM Bärbel Reinhard
PHROOM Bärbel Reinhard
PHROOM Bärbel Reinhard
PHROOM Bärbel Reinhard
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