As an islander it has always been quite clear to me how seas and islands are spaces where we place eroticism, exoticism, sensuality, exorbitance. It is this imagery that moves my photographic, video, and performing production. The relationship between the human body, animal, and maritime space, and how this intertwining produces visual and textual sexual imaginaries, is what I am interested in exploring in both artistic and academic practice.

Benedetta Panisson (1980, Venice) is a visual artist working with film photography, video, and performance, interweaving art practice with academic research. Her research focuses on relations between bodies and sea and island scapes, and how these relations produce a proliferation of sexual imaginaries. As islander herself, through an aesthetics made of seas, beaches, and maritime tropes she approaches communities, intimacies, and sensual practices. She is engaged in a PhD research at Durham University, UK (2020-ongoing, The Visuality of Sexual Exorbitance in Island Spaces: Experimental Displays of Human and Animal Life), after a BA in History of Arts at Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, and a MA in Performing Arts at Brera Academy. She has exhibited in international museums, galleries and institutions. In Italy she is represented by OPR Gallery, Milan.

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