We met again Berber Theunissen to talk about her new photography project called “Seeking Beauty” (see the previous publication).

“Seeking Beauty is about trying to escape daily life, daily negativity and cruelty what we see everywhere we look. Obsessed with all the different kinds of moods and vibes we experience, day in, day out. Even the little things can cause an emotional rollercoaster of tears and laughter. We can understand some of these experiences, 
but others offer us no clue. I’m infinitely curious about how to cope – as a human being, physically and mentally, as a person, as a girlfriend. From the highs to the lows and every little thing in between, feeling just so small in an universe so big.”


Giangiacomo Cirla: Hi Berber, how are you, how is your working period?

Berber Theunissen: Hi there, I’m doing fine. My work is currently a bit on a low ebb. We’re very busy rebuilding our home. So everything is a bit chaotic at the moment.

GC: In your new series called “Seeking Beauty” you try to escape the daily life, daily negativity and cruelty; how do you do it?

BT: The world is so full of negativity at the moment. So much war, political agitation, people seem scared to say their opinion, everybody seems so restless. A bit scared and insecure what the future will bring.  I’m trying to keep my focus on the beautiful things surround us. There are always so much amazing things passing by through the day, and so much stay unnoticed. I try to focus on that, so my perception of the world, the world I’m able to embrace stays beautiful and not filled up with hate.

GC: As well as your previous work, even with this new series coming out the autobiographical aspect of your work, what does it say about you?

BT: Probably that I’m always busy observing life, trying to discover my own path, right and wrongs. But which also includes denying reality or so. One day I’m just documenting my daily life and what happens surround me and the other day I’m in big denial and start creating my own perfect world.

GC: How do you choose your subjects?

BT: Intuitive, I photograph everything that touches me, people, nature, objects as long I get that feeling.

GC: In your work there is usually a strong connection between the human figure and the nature, how important is this aspect for you?

BT: Very important I think. Nature, landscapes and the human body are both very similar to me. They’re both an organic phenomenon, which changes when time pass by.  That can be minutes or hours or even years. But they’re both also very emotional, they both reveal all different kind of vibes.

GC: What are your main interests as an artist?

BT: All different kind of visuals.

GC: What are the main factors that influence your photography?

BT: Life, nature, daylight, emotions

GC: What are some of your favorite contemporary photographers?

BT: I think Aneta Bartos and Marianne Rothen are my favorites at the moment. I also really adore Ren Hang’s work, it such a loss he passed away.

 GC: What are your plans for the future?

BT: Developing developing developing

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