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An Archaic Greek poet from Eresos or Mytilene on the island of Lesbos, Sappho is known for her lyric poetry, written to be sung while accompanied by music. And in honor of Sappho, these images are meant to be viewed while accompanied by music

Focusing my camera towards a timeless muse, these portraits of flowers are multiple exposure photographs shot on 35mm film using zero digital modification. I’m collaging all the elements directly onto the negative by rephotographing the same roll several times, everything is done in-camera. I first shot the rolls in July of 2021 and the rewound the film, and reshot the same rolls around spring time, rewound the film and the shot them again in July of 2022. I have no idea on which frame exists what, much of this process is a collaboration with chance and the unpredictable. All photographs are shot at night walking around the city of Los Angeles. Most of these flowers we might pass by, barely noticing their intricate worlds where layers contextualize an entangled and chaotic harmony, similar to a supernova. 

This creative approach is rooted in nature-based practices by making use of photography and music. Visual and audio testimonies recognize the volatility and disconnect between humans and Nature with the intention of restoring this muted relationship through ritual and invented environments. Shifting away from an anthropocentric framework towards an ecocentric one where nature becomes the center focus, understanding that WE are our environments. “Transcorporeality”, explained by Stacy Alaimo, “Humans do not necessarily live in a particular environment, so much as our bodies quite literally represent that environment”. This respect for the interconnectedness we share is a necessary vibrational shift. 


“I began dedicating myself to the practice of recording nature sounds and composing electronic meditation music, also known as “Environmental Music” in 2020 as a direct response to the chaos that erupted during that time. As the name implies, these songs are written for places, environments around us. And as we continue to operate within the structures of power and eco-damaging capitalism, a call to listen to our environments is becoming that much more necessary. I’ve since made over 20 compositions, some of which were translated into the recently completed film I made called “Blood is Life”, a visual and audio meditation on the cycle of life and death.  Powerful notions of the primitive, the romance and fragility of existence and the incorruptibility of nature aim to bring us back to the source, away from materialism and back to our true Nature.”


Brandy Eve Allen is based in Los Angeles, CA. b. 1979. Grew up in NYC/LA, spent 3 years living in Italy and is self-taught.

Brandy Eve Allen’s work has been included in several international exhibitions including the 2015 Venice Biennale and is part of numerous private collections. She self-published a photographic diary entitled CIAO L.A. from her time living in Italy, released a tarot deck called Invisible LIght, and is included in collective book publications under Rizzoli and Hatje Cantz. Brandy continues to create art while living in Los Angeles.

Copyright © Brandy Eve Allen, all rights reserved

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