“For this video, two cameras are filming me, while I make a boxing fight, which will end only by the achievement of my physical limit. The frame is focused on my face, thereby giving importance to the changing expressions. Contrary the opponent is never seen by the public but only by my gaze at that moment.
During the action, subtitles constitute a stream of consciousness, thoughts that create an intersection between physical and mental combat experience, with a love affair. The opponent to fight become a lover.
Putting make-up before each round refers to the need to wear makeup before the hot date. The attempt to reach a beauty and inner safety, however, is turned into an obsessive act, dramatically useless.”

Camilla Rocchi (1998) Lives in Cernusco S/N. She is now studying at the Accademia di Brera, Milan. She also practices competitive boxing and she, of course, found a connection between her two passions. Using the boxing fight she wants to highlight woman and man problems, not in a simplistic way. In this work, she has an intimistic view about relationship. She displayed it and made a live performance at the exhibition “Vs. Caravan”, 2018, in Milan.

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