Counterklock wise


Counterklock wise is a video of a performance were I’m spinning around a megaphone wherein use tape in order to keep the megaphone on in a way that the air sound is amplified by the speed of the rotation. In the next seen I’m spinning around a chandelier. I created this piece thinking that you can hear the earth’s din even from distant planets.

Carlo Ferraris has a history of using subjects from our daily reality and removing them from it to a certain degree. While many of his photographs, sculptures and videos can be interpreted as a critique on social and cultural history, his works are always conceptual in their intent and reject any clear narrative platform of establishing meaning. The disjunction and opposition add a strange depth to the unfolding occurrences. He affects our senses and understanding in new and unexpected ways, his narrative content loaded with ambiguous irony.


website: Carlo Ferraris

Vimeo: Carlo Ferraris

copyright  © Carlo Ferraris, all rights reserved

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