Alice Fassi & Marco Gehlhar

PHROOM // Alice Fassi & Marco Gehlhar

PHROOM ALICE FASSI & MARCO GEHLHAR The Dwarf Empire Alice Fassi: InstagramMarco Gehlhar: website and Instagram Imagine a realm lost in a fairy tale, ruled by a golden castle in a butterfly park, cute mushroom houses and magical trees. Picture tiny folks in green and red outfits having playful sword fights to the tune of Carmina Burana. […]

Nicolò Rinaldi

PHROOM // Nicolò Rinaldi

PHROOM NICOLÒ RINALDI Anthropocene Scenes website instagram “Everything you can imagine, nature has already created”. This quote, among Albert Einstein’s most famous, is the very essence that drives the study and research of biomimicry today, the scientific discipline that analyzes biological systems in nature to replicate their designs and processes, finding technological solutions for industry […]

Domenico Matera

PHROOM // Domenico Matera

PHROOM DOMENICO MATERA A new friend instagram The pandemic has inhibited social relationships, irreversibly blocking the processes of sentimental-emotional education among us kids. I recently approached sensorial photography. The genuine contact with horses allowed me to experience unprecedented empathy, I met new friends. In their looks, I was immediately enveloped by a well of positive […]

Tommy Nease

PHROOM // Tommy Nease

PHROOM TOMMY NEASE LHalf a Chisel to the Earth website instagram The photographs that make up Half a Chisel to the Earth were taken between 2011 and 2022 primarily in various Western ecosystems of the United States. Inspired by the geology and isolation; the photographs hint at entropy and fragility. The images depict the landscape […]

Robin Lopvet

PHROOM platform: Robin Lopvet

PHROOM ROBIN LOPVET Living Certosa websiteinstagram LIVING CERTOSA by Robin LopvetCurated by Kublaiklan Milano Certosa District16th of April–end of June 2024 Opening on Tuesday 16th of April at 6.30 PM An artistic narrative on the evolution of the district, developed through an unprecedented series of large-format photographic collages, documenting in an ironic and appealing […]

Studies on the Elsewhere ⁣// Radura

PHROOM // Radura—Studies on the Elsewhere

PHROOM RADURA Studies on the Elsewhere websiteinstagram Curated by: Marcello Maranzan and Robin Sara StauderText by: Robin Sara StauderWorks by: Agostino Chiarucci, Annalisa Doriguzzi Breatta, Chiara Pontiglione, Elisa Hampe, Isabella Casiraghi, Marta Valdegrani, Sarah Indriolo, Ylenia SignorelliInstallation View: Marcello Maranzan Hosted by: Spazio MartínInstallation: Sofia RonchiniMusic Selection: Marta Oliva According to Milan Kundera’s existential mathematics, […]

Matteo de Mayda

PHROOM // Matteo de Mayda

PHROOM MATTEO DE MAYDA Lio, Clodia and Malamocco website instagram I choose to start the journey from the furthest mouth from home: Chioggia (Clodia). From Castello, Sarah and I took a Vaporetto that brought us on a bus which was then loaded onto a larger boat. In this setting, we traveled along that 21-kilometer-long and […]

Ludovica De Santis

PHROOM // Ludovica De Santis

PHROOM LUDOVICA DE SANTIS Onironautica websiteinstagram Onironautica is the title of my latest photography exploration. The term derives from the Greek words Ὄνειρος (dream) and ναύτης (sailor). The concept of “Onironautica” involves the exploration of dreams, as a sort of “navigation of our unconscious”. Thus, the goal of this project is to photographically recreate dreams […]

Shun Zhai

PHROOM // Shun Zhai

PHROOM SHUN ZHAI WavePeople being caught up by waves websiteinstagram text by: Matteo Cremonesi With Wave Shun Zhai continues his psychogeographic investigation of the city of Qingdao. Situated on a peninsula and surrounded by the sea on three sides, Qingdao, the hometown of the young Chinese photographer, is a city where the presence of the […]

Eva Kreuger

PHROOM // Eva Kreuger

PHROOM EVA KREUGER The circular archive and value production in artistic spaces websiteinstagram   This project is a research project into the manipulation and recomposition of an ever-growing archive of found photographic material. In an iterative process of collecting, categorizing and editing, printers and scanners are used to move an archive through the space. Meanwhile, […]

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