On Possibilities of Frictions // Ilaria Sponda

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PHROOM HOME Artists Archive Projects Book Reviews Interviews Essays Moving Images Screening Room Exhibitions About Submission Newsletter   ILARIA SPONDA On Possibilities of Frictions Artists: Mandy O’Neill – Simone Sapienza – Miguel Brusch – Enda Bowe – Justyna Gòrniak – Kate Nolan – Antoine Larocque – Garry Loughlin – Nick Ballon – Dara McGrath – […]

Is Your System Optimized? // Pauline Batista

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PHROOM HOME Artists Archive TV Exhibitions Education About Submission Newsletter   PAULINE BATISTA IS YOUR SYSTEM OPTIMIZED?   website in collaboration with: GALLLERIAPIU In an attempt to resist the drive to optimize I invite you to browse around and let yourself be taken to different corners of the web, read some, watch some videos and […]

HYDROPHILIA // Benedetta Panisson

PHROOM HOME Projects Interviews Book Reviews Moving Images Essays TV Exhibitions Artists About Submission Newsletter   BENEDETTA PANISSON HYDROPHILIA Hydrophilia’s authorial page, till December 2020, will guest drafts from Sexual Exorbitance in Island Environments: Visual Displays of Intimacy in Human and Interspecies Sexualities, a PhD research (Durham University, UK) disguised as an art practice, disguised as an […]

THE KENNEL // Demetrio Giacomelli

PHROOM HOME Projects Interviews Book Reviews Videos Texts Artists About Submission Newsletter   DEMETRIO GIACOMELLI THE KENNEL THE KENNEL I’m an old dog locked in a kennel and under my ass I have a thermal blanket that keeps me warm during winter.Wasn’t always like that. I marked the territory above stormy ships and smelled kilometers […]

How Things Dream // DISCIPULA

PHROOM HOME Projects Interviews Book Reviews Videos Texts TV Artists About Submission Newsletter   DISCIPULA HOW THINGS DREAM AURA is a recently created company specialised in BIG DATA analysis and in the development of IOT applications. Through innovative technological solutions, AURA manages key areas such as: domotics, healthcare, security, education and governance. Thanks to its expertise, […]

RAT KING // Marco Dapino

PHROOM MARCO DAPINO RAT KING   in collaboration with: Nowhere Gallery From what we know in that short period of time that separates us from the Renaissance, it happened more or less 50 times to encounter the Rat King, a real tangle of bodies, usually of Rattus rattus, imprisoned among them by the tails. A […]

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