On Possibilities of Frictions // Ilaria Sponda

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PHROOM HOME Artists Archive Projects Book Reviews Interviews Essays Moving Images Screening Room Exhibitions About Submission Newsletter   ILARIA SPONDA On Possibilities of Frictions Artists: Mandy O’Neill – Simone Sapienza – Miguel Brusch – Enda Bowe – Justyna Gòrniak – Kate Nolan – Antoine Larocque – Garry Loughlin – Nick Ballon – Dara McGrath – […]

Is Your System Optimized? // Pauline Batista

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PHROOM HOME Artists Archive TV Exhibitions Education About Submission Newsletter   PAULINE BATISTA IS YOUR SYSTEM OPTIMIZED?   website in collaboration with: GALLLERIAPIU In an attempt to resist the drive to optimize I invite you to browse around and let yourself be taken to different corners of the web, read some, watch some videos and […]

HYDROPHILIA // Benedetta Panisson

PHROOM BENEDETTA PANISSON HYDROPHILIA Hydrophilia’s authorial page, till December 2020, will guest drafts from Sexual Exorbitance in Island Environments: Visual Displays of Intimacy in Human and Interspecies Sexualities, a PhD research (Durham University, UK) disguised as an art practice, disguised as an academic research. It is exploring relationships between sexual communities and practices, exotic island spaces, animals, […]

THE KENNEL // Demetrio Giacomelli

PHROOM HOME Projects Interviews Book Reviews Videos Texts Artists About Submission Newsletter   DEMETRIO GIACOMELLI THE KENNEL THE KENNEL I’m an old dog locked in a kennel and under my ass I have a thermal blanket that keeps me warm during winter.Wasn’t always like that. I marked the territory above stormy ships and smelled kilometers […]

How Things Dream // DISCIPULA

PHROOM DISCIPULA HOW THINGS DREAM AURA is a recently created company specialised in BIG DATA analysis and in the development of IOT applications. Through innovative technological solutions, AURA manages key areas such as: domotics, healthcare, security, education and governance. Thanks to its expertise, AURA represents without any doubts a step ahead in the seamless integration of […]

RAT KING // Marco Dapino

PHROOM MARCO DAPINO RAT KING   in collaboration with: Nowhere Gallery From what we know in that short period of time that separates us from the Renaissance, it happened more or less 50 times to encounter the Rat King, a real tangle of bodies, usually of Rattus rattus, imprisoned among them by the tails. A […]

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