These photos are not part of a well defined project. They are the result of what comes to me, of what you allow to watch and entertain with me.
An analog camera always accompanies me; she’s a friend.
The bodies, places, nights, lights, hidden habits and ‘defects’ are what I like to photograph.
The desire to make memory leads me to a daily practise that can allow me to capture emotions that otherwise would vanish. The stories, gestures, lights that I observe keep alive in me the curiosity and the uniqueness of my living in the world.

Claudia Marzocchi, born in 1988, graduated in New Technologies for Art at the Brera Academy in Milan. In those years she got very close to Performance Art and Video Performance. Video (as well as photography) is a medium that allows her to make memory; with it she can get out that part of her that she can not externalize in words or in person. The projects were exhibited at the State Archives in Rome, at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan and at the Italy-China Biennale in Turin.

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