Danny Rowton is a photographer living in Rochford, a small old town around 40 miles east of London. He’s happily married to his wife Ali, and they have a beautiful 3 year old son called Jesse.

“I currently only shoot film, and this suits my personality and my style. I am self taught and I don’t seek work commercially so shooting film isn’t prohibitive to my speed of workflow. Therefore, I feel I am making very little or no compromise on presentation in the finished image. In this sense, I am guided only by my instinct, which is to build a strong portfolio of Night time Urban landscapes.”

“I am drawn to shooting late at night in particular as it feels more special than shooting at other times. The reason for this is late at night, I feel a different atmosphere, and a sense that because only I am seeing the scenes, the special atmosphere needs to be documented. The transition from one day to the next in our busy lives takes on this quiet and watchful persona and it is the polar opposite of the common human experience.
My first big goal is to one day get a book of these images published. Having mentioned the fact I am not attempting to create a direct client base, I am actually currently shooting a series of cover images for a musicians official single and album releases, which is a great new challenge for me and certainly a departure from my usual style.”

The Nightshift images are part of an ongoing series of everyday urban nocturnal landscapes. With the night time aspect and composition from the point of view of bystander, there is a sense of the transience of the night time world portrayed with a kind of silent, minimalist tension. The way artificial light plays on our surroundings after dark creates a whole new world of possibilities photographically.

The approach challenges the viewer to look again at the seemingly everyday in life. Compositionally, the imagery is sparse and this encourages the imagination to run. These are landscapes void almost entirely of human activity, and this allows the viewer to form their own narrative.

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