Dimitris S. Vavouras

Dimitris S. Vavouras is a 23 years old visual artist currently based in Ioannina, Greece where he studies in the School of Fine Arts. He has participated in a few group exhibitions the past two years.

“I don’t like to chatter about the meaning of my work. We diminish the worth of a picture as soon as we try to verbalize it, because something is always missing. An inner voice, the feeling of emptiness pulsating to express itself, has lead me to take photos of my everyday life, the rest is a secret. I mostly shoot digital, it’s all about captures from my daily routine and stuff from my journeys that constitute a kind of diary.”

Tumblr: Dimitris S. Vavouras

Instagram: mister_athlious

copyright  © Dimitris S. Vavouras, all right reserved



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