A new friend


The pandemic has inhibited social relationships, irreversibly blocking the processes of sentimental-emotional education among us kids. I recently approached sensorial photography.

The genuine contact with horses allowed me to experience unprecedented empathy, I met new friends. In their looks, I was immediately enveloped by a well of positive energy. the contact helped me experience a constant frequency of feelings that the pandemic had made intermittent: the serenity, the beauty and the richness that lies in giving yourself freely without expecting anything in return. I perceived a hidden light. The concession of the word being contains decadence, forgetfulness and unawareness. The brightness of the beginning illuminates his understanding, but precisely the understanding of his negativity. What reveals it to us is the word, or rather the misunderstanding of the word which translates physics with the idea, of the genetics of being with the realization of the body. What I want to express through this project is to underline that the sensorial visual language through the empathetic union with horses does not distort reality through words but enhances the mystery of physics, expressing it through the infinite possibilities of nature’s being. Physics is being itself by virtue of which only beings become observable and remain so. He remains in that apparition and dwells there.

The lack of education about light makes us consider shadows as the most real. The condition that immobilizes men in the darkness of the shadow does not allow them to experience any other manifestation other than that which is manifest to them, leads them to identify the infinite possibility of manifestation of being with the only thing they can see in that moment, to the point of confusing the truth with the shadows. The sensorial contact with the horses helped me grasp something tangible and unique, genuine and transparent. In a moment in which the idea of ​​bodily fulfillment is suffocated by the lie of the word. My friendship with horses helped me experience something true and transparent.

Domenico Matera, 23 years old (Basilicata). I am a young photographer. I approached this world in 2017, thanks to my father with whom I share this strong passion. I believe that photography is knowing how to observe: establishing a simple and profound relationship with the object you are looking at, making yourself small as observers of the surrounding world, through a tangible contact which is energy, harmony, and immersion. I love landscape photography. When I am alone in the fields I like to create direct contact with nature. Associating emotional ties and memories with the landscape creates a strong but imaginary connection. And this is how a tree alone in a field with a cloud that seems to rest upon it takes on a whole new meaning; I think about the people I love, I try to send messages through images: “As the cloud reaches the branches of the tree every time it wants to envelop it with all its energy, so I feel something tangible and strong in the air that brings me to you and makes me perceive the very strong value of our friendship. I love you”.

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