The main question of Enikő Hodosy, while she was working on her series Blue, was how can she make the viewer feel distant from the reality. To reach this impression, she started to work with the technical tools of taking photographs with flash lights. The first photos of the series were taken in the summer 2013 in French. Most of the pictures she took are night-life scenes with a basically strange milieu. The foregrounds of these photos became clearly and sharply lightened by flash, but the backgrounds stay almost fully in darkness. The photographer used the same technical method in the whole series. During the six-month period she took several photographs at different places. The pictures are dealing with theatrical sets, and nearly surrealistic atmospheres. As the shots are similar to movie stills, they can also be read as variant narrative lines with different interpretations. The photographs of Enikő Hodosy have a typical (blue) cold tone, that reflects on the strangeness, the scenically and the artificiality. The title of the series deals with the different meanings of the English “blue” and the French “bleu”, which are parallel to the various readings of Enikő Hodosy’s works.

Flóra Barkóczi

Enikő Hodosy‘s interest lies on connections between body, soul and spirit. She focuses on social and psychological issues, their brutality and beauty, which she represents through an ethereal and intimate atmosphere.
She obtained a master’s degree in Photography at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2016. In 2013, she spent a semester in Brussels with Erasmus, later, she completed her mandatory internship in Paris with Erasmus+.
In 2013 she was selected to the top 100 of Google Photography Prize. In 2014 she won a grant to organise her first solo exhibition titled Bleu, which took place at Gallery Várfok Project Room, Budapest. In 2015 her series Animalia Variabilis was shortlisted at the 5th World Biennal of Student Photography, Novi Sad.
In recent years, her photos gained exposure in various places including the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art Budapest, the Mai Manó House, the Vienna Photobook Festival, the Berlin Photobook Festival, the Mark Grosset Prize, Vendôme, the Kiscell Museum , and the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center and der Grief magazine.
In 2021 she was selected by Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center (Budapest) to participate in the FUTURES – European Photography Platform.
She is a member since 2012, and a board member since 2020, of the Studio of Young Photographers. She lives and works in Budapest, Hungary.

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