In Enrico Smerilli’s authorial practice, the close-up is an element that returns insistently and runs through the different photographic series made by the author. The close-up shot of the subject—the exclusion from the composition of other elements that could connote or contextualize it—turns the images into pure surface, a skin through which the author looks, tells, and collects instances about the world.

Enrico Smerilli. His work seeks to deepen the potential of images by reworking new imagery, exploring the possible boundaries of visual perception and the construction of experience. These aspects become pretexts to search for forms of visual recombination from which to depart for new formal hypotheses. The image itself generates a new search, a new meaning and a new determination. The work has been exhibited in Italy and presented in some international festivals. He lives and works between Vercelli and Milan.

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