Here is where we meet


“…No, you will never know it. The only thing you need to know is if you are lying or trying to say the truth, you cannot afford to make any confusion.”
John Berger

“Here is where we meet” (2013 – 2014) is a photographic series inspired by the homonymous text by John Berger. The images are matched to the text, with particular reference to its last sentence (see above).
Berger asks the reader to consider the importance of knowing the difference; yet, the quote implies that you / I / we, can never know it exactly. The work experiences the possibility to escape from having a certain and recognizable subject, leaving the viewer the task of reconstructing the image from that missing element. This happens through a subtraction, whose meaning is traced not so much in an aesthetic practice as it is in the effort to propose to each image a “new form”. “Here is where we meet” is set up as a collection of independent images in which the subject is shown while developing. A point, a hidden fragment, a line that changes the horizon, the unlikely encounter of two animals at night, an opening hole through physical matter: all this becomes a pretext to seek forms of visual recombination, the starting point for new formal hypotheses. “Here is where we meet” invites the viewer to seek satisfaction in the alteration of his/her perspective.
The ambiguity of ‘it’ (the ‘unknown’ itself) always supports mystery and open interpretation.

Enrico Smerilli, is an italian artist working with various media but his main interest focuses on photography language and its relations with the visual practice. His work seeks to deepen the potential of images by reworking new imagery, exploring the possible boundaries visual perception and building experience. These aspects become pretexts to seek forms of visual recombination from which to start for new formal assumptions. The image itself generates new research, new meaning and a new determination.
The work has been exhibited in Italy and presented in international festivals and featured in some online publications and magazines. He lives and works between Vercelli and Milan.

Copyright © Enrico Smerilli, all rights reserved

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