State Lines


There is a certain meditative stillness to the southern-most areas of the United States. These empty and neglected spaces and landmarks sometimes seem to reflect an “idea” of what America is, rather than the reality. I like to think of the photos in this series as a kind of survey of a place that never really existed. A world that seems slightly out-of-time, a little bit sad, a little bit funny, but also beautiful.

Evan Parsons is a self taught photographer based in Los Angeles, California.
Drawing inspiration from the loneliness of urban environments and the vastness of the great American landscape, I strive to create satirical images that evoke the melancholy of the world we’ve built around us.
By directing attention to the humour of a familiar place or detail we’ve become indifferent to, my goal is for the viewer to look twice at something seemingly mundane and discover it with a new and entertaining point of view.

Copyright © Evan Parsons, all rights reserved

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