Radici (Il Giardino)

“I went back to my garden.
I like to photograph it, I need it.
Something is changed,
A small movement, to the surface.
I haven’t moved too much after all.”

“Il Giardino” continues the journey that has started with “Radici”.
As in his previous chapter, the narrative is built by following the urgency of a “need to accumulate”: collecting images that surround and testify the author’s daily life.

If from one side the language remains faithful to the mechanics of Radici, on the other it introduces new themes. Themes that concern the landscape, the distance between the camera and the subject, and the horizons that derive from it. A new territory, not only intimate, but above all geographical.

Lastly: as for Radici, “Il Giardino” is a series that is born as self-analysis, as a moment for the Self, as a catharsis, and as for any other human analysis it is not a theorem and there are no solutions. 
It’s just a story.
It’s just a story.

Fabrizio Albertini (b. 1984) is a film director/photographer/dop graduated in Film Direction and Production at the International Academy of Audiovisual Sciences CISA Pio Bordoni (Lugano – Swiss. His work has been shown, among the others, at International Locarno Film Festival, Solothurner Filmmtage. His photographic series have been exposed, among the others, at Aperture Foundation (Usa – NY), SK Stiftung Kultur (Germany – Cologne), Fotografia Europea (Italy – Reggio Emilia), Triennale (Italy – Milano). He publishes, with the publishing house Skinnerboox, the books “The Mecca of Coney Island” (2014), “Diary of an Italian Borderworker” (2016); with the publishing house Witty Books the book “Radici” (2018; Awarded for the Unveil’d Photobook Award). He produce for SSR SRG the documentaries “Io sono una Sirena” (2020) and “Tony” (2021). Among the clients Neil Barrett, MaxMara, FC Internazionale Milano, Napapijri, Santoni, Disney, Financial Times, Zeit, Alessi, Cartier, Bulgari. Represented, in gallery, by Galerie Kernweine (Stuttgart-Germany). Teacher and tutor at Scuola Spazio Tempo.

Copyright © Fabrizio Albertini, all rights reserved

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