Foresti Dapartuto


The title of this project is Foresti dapartuto, translated from Venetian dialect, Foreigners Everywhere, the title chosen for the Art Biennale 2024. Foresti is a term that in dialect also means tourists, as my brother and I have been on this trip. Besides being tourists, for a long time, Federico and I were also foreigners, or rather strangers.

This visual story is a summary of another step of our continuous discovery of the world and ourselves.

PHROOM // Filippo Telaro

Filippo Telaro (1997) is an Italian photographer based in Milan.
After graduating from the University Department of Photography at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan, he founded Ellisse Studio in 2021.
Ellisse is a creative studio based in Milan, which he runs together with Alice Beltrami, a former university friend and photographer.
Ellisse was born out of their shared vision of imagery and their aim to shape commercial photography into a more authorial form.
He is particularly interested in the everyday and the world around him because he strongly believes that it is the gaze that makes reality interesting.

Copyright © Filippo Telaro, all rights reserved

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