Weltschmerz, world pain. It expresses the deep sadness and painful melancholy that people can experience by contemplating the imperfect world. Through the realization that physical reality will never be able to satisfy the desires of the mind.

During the Romantic era, many artists and writers created works that were inspired by this feeling of Weltschmerz. These artists reflected on the world around them from their own individualistic perspective, lamenting it’s imperfections. They imagined a world and nature that was more beautiful and pristine than it actually was, depicting it in an idealized manner, as a means of escaping harsh reality.

In our current era, this imperfection has taken on extreme forms. It is no longer just about an individualistic experience or a romanticized complaint; it is a constant reality that all people in the world are confronted with. This is particularly due to issues like climate problems, uncertainty regarding our very existence, and the deterioration of the natural world.

In Weltschmerz, I show nature, combined with world pain. It is an idealized but also a sinister reflection of reality, a search for beauty in a place where it is increasingly difficult to find, and where the future is uncertain.

Fleur Jakobs (1996) is a photographer based in Breda, the Netherlands. Her work revolves around the relationship between humans and nature, emphasizing how the world around us is changing due to human activity. She explores the complexity of this relationship and our inseparable bond with nature.

Her art is characterized by a poetic style and she often incorporates text into her projects. In her photography, she extracts the images from the context of reality. This allows her to create images with a darker or romanticized version of the world to depict this complex relationship with nature. In her work she explores the boundaries of photography, researching editing techniques, as well as working with graphic and photographic analog printing methods.

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