Florian Lafosse is a 19 year hold french photographer.
He was born in Reunion Island. It’s a little island next to Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. He traveled a lot thanks to his parents. He lived in Guadeloupe and French Guiana for few years before joining the European continent in Lille, France. Since there, He’s studying political sciences and traveling around like in London, Amsterdam and lately in Seoul to do a photographic documentary.
“I started with street photography so all of my photographic works are very impulsive. On another hand I want to amplify the atmosphere that I see and feel in everyday places through my art. Those atmospheres are familiar to people because they live in them. I just want to transmit the different feelings that you can have depending on your location on earth. I try to frame the sensation that every people could have if they were at the same place as the picture.” 

Flickr: Florian Lafosse

Instagram: floriansbook

copyright  © Florian Lafosse, all right reserved

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