Who Loses Time Gains Space has always been the motto of Stalker, an urban art workshop of which Francesco Careri is co-founder. Forget time and make yourself available to space. Giving oneself time to lose oneself and to discover new spaces. Together with Francesco Careri we will try to find the mathematical formula time/space. 

Collective construction workshop For many years, the island of Vulcano had three large geodesic domes that housed various scientific monitoring activities. Disused for a long time and then destroyed, they have left traces in the collective memory of the island and starting from this memory, together with Francesco Careri we will play at the collective construction of a shared space with reused materials with low environmental impact found on the island

Francesco Careri (1966) is an architect and co-founder of Stalker, Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture of the University of Roma Tre, where since 2006 he has held the “peripatetic” Course of Civic Arts. Since 2017 he has been co-Director of the Master of Environmental and Territory / Environmental Humanities. He is the author of Walkscapes, walking as aesthetic practice (GG 2002, Einaudi 2006).

Since 1995 he has been a founding member of the Stalker Urban Art Laboratory, with which he experiments with methodologies of creative intervention in the multicultural city and informal living in Rome, with community art actions at Campo Boario (1999-2003), in Corviale (2003-2023), in the city of the Roma (2007-2011) and in housing occupations (2012-2023). Since 2016 he has been the owner of the Laboratory of Architectural and Urban Design with which he experiments with the strategy of transitional living CIRCO – Casa Irrinunciabile per la Ricreazione Civica e l’Ospitalità.

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