Francois Ollivier is a self-taught photographer. Born in the south of France, he has lived and worked in Montreal since 2011. he wish he had a great story about inheriting his first camera from his grandfather or something like that, but no. he simply bought it in a store.

He has studied languages, worked as a lighting designer for shows, and spent several years being a creative ad guy. He now focus on his photography, combining artistic and documentary / commercial practices.

“I trust providence (not the religious definition though) and patience. My approach is based on wandering and accepting the impromptu. I use photography to make simple factual observations and also to gather people, places, lines or lights  in a set up that magnifies the simplest things.”

La vida continua

It’s Christmas but Cuba doesn’t care.
It’s like nothing can disturb the stream of daily activities or the sound of the waves. 
But behind the quiet normality of existence, the extraordinary beauty of things, there’s something else.
It’s my third trip here and I heard the same story dozens of times : cubans feel stuck, unable to move forward, like trapped in a natural paradise.
This is what La vida continua is about. Actions, humans and things are freezed but well alive because while people are patiently waiting for some change, life goes on.

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