Georgina Martin is a recent graduate of Sheffiled Hallam University (UK) where, in 2015, she received her MA in Photography.  Her recent work strongly establishes her as an emerging photographer; developing her artistic practice, extending her conceptual and theoretical direction to produce bodies of work that are a sensitive response to femininity and friendships.

With references to the late Pre-Raphaelite movement, particularly its simplicity of line and large areas of colour, coupled with allusions to 18th Century Victorian photography, such as that of Julia Margaret Cameron and Lady Clementina Harwarden, Martin’s work references the window in photography, a compelling motif and an example of the power of women photographing women.


Lucent (2015) explores the balance between the expression of female sexuality and female empowerment, through photography of the feminine and a response to the gaze.  Using medium format film and only natural light, Martin exploits the use of abstract light forms and the positioning of everyday objects to interrupt the focus on the body.  Lucent separates the narrative spaces in which each figure resides, interrupted by time, dancing with light and exploring the simplicity of form.”

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