Stole the Night



There is something truly therapeutic and preparatory in having the possibility of researching the motives and reasons for which we are so similar and akin to the places in which we have lived or in which we have grown up. They are able to deeply and hermetically shape us and mold our imagery and thought.
This work is born of the will of instituting a deeper and personal bond with the landscape, through the wish of making an active intervention by creating without limiting oneself to contemplation.
Using installations, interventions, camera performances I tried to represent and express through images that deep bond that connects me to those hidden places of the mind.

An dreamlike and dreamy imagery that has originated an inner dialogue, which is useful to acknowledge the places we call home, but which is always difficult to describe.
The interventions on the territory become traces and totems of a tangible representation of this spiritual affinity of a purely personal vocation.
Through the humid rock, the simple paleness of the bark, the modelling of the landscape through the use of light sources and commonly used materials, I was able to identify that feeling of belonging to a place, but I was also able to verify its slow disappearing.

Giacomo Infantino was born in Varese in 1993, he graduated in New Technologies of Art (Art and Media) at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan, with a thesis on public commissions in Italy. He is currently enrolled, in the same institution, to the Master degree in Photography and Visual Arts.

Copyright © Giacomo Infantino, all rights reserved

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