I’m just a toy

I’m just a toy is a relational metaphor, it’s an invitation to take a position, to find a point of view within the game.
Cyclicity produces new rules between saying, doing and listening, between the immateriality of sound and the intangible musical silence.
I’m just a toy is a private video of his time, it’s not a real start it is free from flowing but not from its transience.
I’m just a toy is more a mishap between vision and sound. I’m just a toy is the story of a childish gesture that creeps into the mind I said, done, listened to something else or not said, done, heard at all.

Gianluca Codeghini is a visual artist and musician, his artistic and sound work has no formal assonances with science but it is in his method, or not method, with which he does research and an attitude not to neglect error and not to seek solace in illusions and special effects. In his work we find elements that refer to the game, performances or objects that play with the spectator, rules that deny them by generating paradoxes that undermine the player; among these we remember “Guardati alle spalle” (Watch Your Back 94) a real theatrical game realized with the Antonio Cammi Nuclear Physicist. Another element constantly present in his research is dust, one of the masks of nothingness, a non-object that alarms the tamed world of the object, a precarious and imperfect distraction; we remember a series, not yet completed, of photographic images made of dust At the source of noise (91). And here we are, not surprisingly, at the origin of the noise, material of analysis and research with which it has always lived, was already present in the 80s in its first sound productions and then declined in choral, orchestral concerts, performances, and visual works. The game, the dust, the sound and the noise but also the texts and the many performances with which Gianluca Codeghini triggers indeterminacy concepts and processes whose relationship with and among the public becomes fundamental to the production of short circuits, tensions and provocations.

“Listen intensely, until in your memory you doubt that you heard something else or never heard anything at all”

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