Giulia Vigna was born in 1992 in a small city near Rome, Italy.
She has multidisciplinary interests and after studying Fashion Design is currently undertaking a master in graphic arts meanwhile teaching herself photography.
She is still trying to make sense of herself, strongly believing that the journey is the destination, taking pride in continual learning, creative experimentation, and risk taking.

Building it Beautiful

“Building it Beautiful means the act of consciously choosing to see and search for the beauty around us, paying attention, exploring, what can at a first glance seem inappreciable but yet reveals an incredible beauty as soon as we stop and stare.

I’m interested in the everyday settings and the subtle beauty we often forget to celebrate, concentrating on details in the surroundings environments, framing contrasting colour and shapes, uncovering an abstract beauty in seemingly mundane objects.

I am happy to be caught between the act of looking and the act of telling.” 

website: Giulia Vigna

Instagram: buildingitbeautiful

copyright  © Giulia Vigna, all right reserved

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