A bloom in the eye of the storm

How do we grow up in a society that constantly reminds us that our way of life is leading us inexorably to our loss? Through the gaze of a father towards his children, A bloom in the eye of the storm focuses on the inner conflict they unconsciously experience as they try to develop their identity in a society that is slowly dying. By directing the camera into the intimacy of the family, Tomasi photographs the world that he tries, like any parent, to keep peaceful and caring for his children. However, while we continue to blindly enjoy our daily routines, the climate changes we are facing are darkening this harmony like a threatening storm. 

Guillaume Tomasi (b.1984, France) is a photographer and curator based in Montreal. His photographic practice revolves around visual storytelling, focusing on people, places and memories. Tomasi holds a BFA in Photography from Concordia University and he created in 2016 the collaborative project Fiiiirst which features anonymous image based discussions between photographers. He exhibited his work for his first solo exhibition in Russia in 2020 and he has been featured in various group exhibitions in the United States, England, Switzerland and Canada. He self-published his first photobook for the work Chrysalises. This project has also been published in international publications such as The Heavy Collective, Fisheye Magazine, AIN’T BAD, Fotoroom, Der Greif, Urbanautica and GUP Magazine.

Copyright © Guillaume Tomasi, all rights reserved

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