Logomania: Owning the World at Half Price



In my ongoing series, “Logomania: Owning the World at Half Price,” (2019 – ) I explore this endless trend of borrowing Western mass culture signs in the everyday life of ordinary Uzbeks. Bootlegging, plagiarism, a parody of luxurious life today is part of the modern culture of a country. The basic question which I try to get is “Who we are as a nation and what is Uzbekistan today?
For me this is an essential question – I try to understand the space and moment and who I am, including. It feels that we all live in a strange reality here –between Chanel and Gucci logos on every plastic bag or pillow versus a long story of censorship and lack of truth about ourselves. Are we a nation of those that will always create an idol for themselves and worship it? Will we always stay between the charming West and China, which will give us a copy of this dream?
This is an internal crisis of self-identification of a country in times of globalization, Instagram fever and internal changes make me reflect on country’s “now moment” that will later take on a different form, which is difficult to imagine.

Hassan Kurbanbaev is a photographer based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan In 2004 he graduated at the Tashkent State University of Arts. He is interested in creating local projects that allow  to answering the questions of Uzbekistan’s identity and revealing the potential of the current cultural landscape

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