Radio Farm


03 – 27 September 2020


Radio Farm is a participatory project created by Hiru Kolektiboa (Unai Ruiz, Jaime de los Ríos and Manglano) which aims to rescue alternative technologies as tools for developing free, experimental forms of audiovisual communication.
The project begins with a radio device that emits encrypted images transformed into sounds through FM waves. Any radio receiver –like the one in mobile phones – can tune into the broadcast and decrypt it in the form of an image with the help of a simple app. When interpersonal communications through large Internet platforms are constantly being monitored and monetised, this project aims to bring back pirate communication technologies. To do so, they revisit some of the tools that were used by Cold War activists to stay in touch beyond walls and borders. At the same time, it focuses on images using the aesthetics of glitches and game or interaction techniques, since the receiver can modify a photograph by means of sound interventions in the signal they receive.

The Hiru collective is made up of the artists Manglano, Unai Ruiz and Jaime de los Ríos, explorers of the old media in search of ucronías. This group uses Manglano’s knowledge about glitch (unexpected feature, error) to cause alterations in any device which is conditioned by the market and the perfect digital beauty. Unai Ruiz is a promoter of the Cinema and Technology working group of Tabakalera (San Sebastian) and, in his practice, he goes beyond the established conventions of cinematography, altering the values of the capitalist, binary, sequential and codified society. Finally, Jaime de los Ríos, a second-order cybernetist, specialist in free software and hardware, and founder of the first ARTEKLAB Laboratory of Art and Science, applies pre-scientific theory to provoke constant speculation, making the constructivist complexity of the present emerge.

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