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I was an anxious and insecure child. The world around me was filled with things that I struggled to understand. When I became a mother to a son, I realized that I still needed to find a way to process my young feelings. I started looking for a reflection of myself in the world and a better understanding of my unease.”—Nicole Ratos Enerson

Nicole Ratos Enerson opens the doors of her intimacy with Honeysuckle, a photo book that offers a sincere and reflective look at her journey of growth and self-discovery. With no-nonsense prose, Enerson shares his journey through childhood and the transition into adulthood, addressing universal questions about identity and the meaning of our place in the world.

The inclusion of excerpts from Susan Stewart’s “The Forest” proves to be an astute device. These words act as a patient guide, offering the reader an additional perspective with which to interpret Enerson’s images. The artist’s mastery in capturing fleeting moments and subtle gestures adds a level of depth to the work, highlighting a remarkable sensitivity.

The book invites a no-nonsense reflection on the challenges we face in trying to understand ourselves and our place in the world. Through her images, Enerson invites the reader to explore their own experiences and journey, without trying to sugarcoat or provide easy answers.

Honeysuckle is a work that is appreciated for its genuineness and its ability to strike a deep chord. Enerson’s images are testimonies of a personal quest that will resonate with anyone who has ever tried to understand themselves and their place in the world. This book of photographs is a treasure trove of emotions and reflections that promises to inspire and question readers long after they have read it.

Nicole Ratos Enerson, 1979, Illinois. Lives and works outside of Boston, MA.

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