Jacquie Ray is a 27 year old film photographer based in Los Angeles and she is the mind behind the High Creatives project.
When we meet for the first time her works we felt a strong attraction in knowing more about her world and her strong aesthetic choices.

Giangiacomo Cirla: Hi Jacquie, how are you?

Jaquie Ray: Hi, Giangiacomo I am doing wonderful.

G: How it is this period for you?

J: I just released one of my longer erotica videos on my website and currently working on more. I am constantly thinking of ways to express my current feelings through my images, everything I do is personal, I talk about things I have been through or going through at the moment. It’s cool that the topics I hit are also inspiring other people to be them and feel empowered with themselves.

G: How is your relathionship with photography and what inspired you?

J: I have a very serious relationship with photography, we have been in love for the past 2 years (laughs). I stopped shooting for 4 years after art school. I am 27 years old and I can say that since I picked up my camera again I have become myself, the person that I was too afraid to become. I was lost before. When I was younger I was very shy about my sexuality, my desires, and all because of how I felt about myself physically, my work is now inspired by my own self oppressions and breaking them down. Being raised by my Salvadorian family didn’t make things easier either, I had to battle with who I was and old school traditions/views on life.

I love working with color which is why all my work is shot in 35mm color film and saturated which I do in the lab.

G: How you find the subject of your works?

J: I meet most of my subjects on Instagram, for these past 2 years people have been so open and expressing about modeling for me, it’s been so great! It’s awesome to be able to meet these strangers that aren’t really “strangers” at all and get to share these intimate moments. Everyone I have come across has been so damn nice and friendly. It’s a new world out there. I love it.

G: How do you hope viewers will react to your works?

J: I always want people to feel something when they see my work. Anything.

Because everything is so personal to me, I know what it means to me but it’s open for interpretation for everyone else. I’ve gotten so many nice messages, emails, DM’s from people that say my work inspires them, I never thought that the things that lurk in my brain were going to be inspirational but hey it helps me with my traumas so if it makes others feel connected and it helps them in some way then that’s fucken beautiful! I don’t want anyone to be the fearful, shy mess I was a few years back.

G: What is your usual equipment?

J: My equipment is very light. My go to babies are my Canon AE-1 and my Canon EOS ELAN and now that I am shooting erotica shorts, I use my Canon 70D. All my stills are shot on film and my videos with my digital.

G: What are your plans for the future?

J: I just hope to keep creating and working with new people. I am going to continue to work and develop my erotica shorts. I am a do-er so I’ll keep thinking and making content.

website: High Creatives

Instagram: jacquie.ray

copyright  ©  Jaquie Ray, all right reserved

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