The concept that nothing has any lasting permanence and that all physical space is reshaped and redefined through time has always preoccupied me. In my work, this fascination has led me to explore the depiction of visual space, form and the concept of temporality within photography, a medium that is, in essence, about the capturing of time.
By making interventions to found, photographic imagery, I alter, subvert or disrupt the inherent visual codes and conventions held within that source material, and describe a liminal space ‘between’ the images used, which I then photograph.
The act of collage lends itself to describing fragmented glimpses and suggestions of other dimensions, and it taps into notions of chance and fate, but it is by returning these constructions to a version of their original self; to that of a photograph, which blurs the boundary between the real and the imagined. I consider this interplay as re-photography.
It is this visual language that I use to explore and describe broader ideas around the gaze, the pose, gender representation and social constructs

K Young, a London-based artist and graduate of Central St Martins School of Art, has exhibited in numerous international exhibitions and contributed to a variety of publications and platforms including; The British Journal Of Photography, Aesthetica Magazine, L’oeil de la Photography, European Photography Magazine, XIBT Magazine, LensCulture, Self Service, Gestalten, Another Man, Pan and the Dream, The Fashionable Lampoon, Maps Magazine, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue.

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