18 – 21 August 2020

MOKSOP – Museum of Kharkiv School of Photography


KHARKIV PHOTO FORUM is the first interdisciplinary forum dedicated to in-depth analysis and contextual research of the Kharkiv School of Photography, which will take place on August 18-21, 2020 in an online format with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

“The main goal of the Forum is to bring together the world’s leading scientific and cultural institutions in the study, international promotion and strengthening in the academic field of arts of the concept and phenomenon known as the “Kharkiv School of Photography”, comments the curator of the conference part, historian of the Ukrainian photography Tetiana Pavlova.

During three days, 11 thematic lectures will be held in the section “Kharkiv Photography: Past and Present”, 7 lectures on “Between West and East: Relations of Ukrainian Photographers”. About 20 speakers have already confirmed their participation in the international scientific conference – art critics, experts in the photography history, contemporary art researchers, photographers and curators from around the world.

On the first day of the KHARKIV PHOTO FORUM, in addition to the endless flow of lectures, there will be a presentation of the Tetiana Pavlova’s monograph “Ukrainian avant-garde: Kharkiv”. The book, which began with the discovery of the Kharkiv School of Photography phenomenon, reconstructs the history of the Kharkiv’s visual avant-garde as a strong center of traditional and new art media, which once came to the forefront of the city’s artistic life, creating its unique subculture.

In the late afternoon of the second day of the KHARKIV PHOTO FORUM we are going to feel ourselves as in an online kitchen, where Alexei Shulgin and Viktor Marushchenko will talk about “The last years of the USSR: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Moscow”.



The third day of the KHARKIV PHOTO FORUM will start with a conversation between Sergiy Lebedynskyy and Viktoria Bavykina. It will be about the “Museum of Photography” project. Also, on August 20, you will have a presentation of Nadiia Bernar-Kovalchuk’s monograph “Kharkiv School of Photography: A Game Against the Apparatus”. The publication covers multiple sources and the experimental nature of the photographic artwork of the representatives of Kharkiv photography, one of the brightest phenomena of Ukrainian contemporary art.

KHARKIV PHOTO FORUM will end with a round table “History of moving pictures. New Media in Ukrainian Contemporary Art” moderated by Yanina Prudenko, the founder of the Open Archive of Ukrainian Media Art.
The discussion within the KHARKIV PHOTO FORUM, dedicated to the history of this artistic phenomenon, will be almost the first attempt to gather researchers and eyewitnesses of the development of Ukrainian media art of different generations and from different regions of Ukraine.

In addition to the international scientific conference, the Forum will host four online exhibitions dedicated to Kharkiv photography.

The launch of the KHARKIV PHOTO FORUM will be the next step towards the implementation of a strategy to increase the attention of the world’s academic community to the phenomenon of the Kharkiv School of Photography.

ORGANIZERS OF THE FORUM: The Grynyov Art Collection and the Ukrainian Club of Contemporary Art Collectors. The project is implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.


  1. Eugene Pavlov from the series Mythology 1988
  2. Boris Mikhailov
  3. Oleg Malevaniy

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