They Sing a Song Only You Can Hear



The series They Sing a Song Only You Can Hear refers to an experiential situation and develops the problem that arises after an end and the forced suppression of desires, while extending to the redefinition of personal identity. It attempts to visualize the internal situation experienced by the person in transition. The person enters a temporary situation, knowing that the old one is dying and wishes to move to a new condition.
Through this painful process, characterized by feelings of emptiness, uncertainty, fear and tension, the person experiencing it is called upon to confront himself and his desires in order to redefine his identity and move to the new reality.

Klavdia Balampanidou is a Greek photographer, born in Avranlo, Georgia and based in Nicosia, Cyprus. She studied Audiovisual Arts and holds a MA in History and Theory of Art. Her photographic series contain autobiographical elements and examine concepts of identity and longing. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions across England, Greece and Cyprus.

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