I have found myself in a place where everyone seeks to merge with a common ideal to become one… for those who frequent this place, the body is not a source of life force or movement, but takes on a symbolic aspect. Here, the body is both capital, and status symbol.

This is a place of supplication before the altar of the gods of kitch and orange tans; and the body is the sacrifice laid on this altar. The greater one’s sacrifice, the higher their status.

Frozen in their near-identical poses, the people here are as antique marble statues destined for ruination. Every carefully constructed edifice must eventually, inevitably, collapse… But the collapse may be magnificent and replete with its own kind of incomprehensible beauty.

I gaze at and photograph them up close, so close as not a single person who looks at them on stage will ever see them; in a truly fetishistic manner:

Row upon row of perfect barbies, with enlarged breasts and lips, identical skin tones and see-through high heels reveal the intimate underside of their manicured, mass produced beauty.

Kristina Rozhkova, born in 1996 in Perm (Urals), Russia. She graduated from Perm State University in Philosophy and from the St. Petersburg Academy of Art and Documentary Photography «Fotografika» in 2022.
In 2021 Kristina won POY Asia 2021 Award in the category Cultural Practices («Dacha») and became one of 20 young photographers in the British Journal Photography’s Ones to Watch 2021 competition. She has been published in The Zone Zine, i-D vice, PHROOM Magazine, Calvert Journal, Fisheye Magazine, and other publications. In the summer of 2022, The Zone Zine published her
debut photobook, The Bliss of Girlhood. Also, in August 2022, Kristina released an independent edition of playing cards “The Russian Erotic Collection”. In 2023, Kristina self-published a limited edition book “The Bliss of Girlhood”. 


Copyright © Kristina Rozhkova, all rights reserved

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