Free Tempo Pendulum

Free Tempo Pendulum is a series of images depicting rocks suspended in the air, and an ongoing reflection on temporality and the dimension of duration.  Inspired by the way that photographs warp our senses of time by showing us the past in the present, I emphasize the disorienting visual qualities that render when different concrete timelines intersect: the microscopic 1/1000 of a second that allows my camera to make an image meets the short passage of time that it took for me to throw a rock in the air, which together meet the deep time that formed the rocks in the first place. The images are both a fragment of time, a visual interpretation of the life of time, and a reference to time itself. 

Lily LaGrange (b. 1997) is an artist and educator based in Syracuse, NY working primarily with photography. Her work focuses on themes related to chance, magic, pain, and the act of photographing things that cannot be seen. She is currently pursuing an MFA in photography at Syracuse University, and graduated from Louisiana State University with a BA in Economics in 2018. Her work has recently been shown at the String Room Gallery in Aurora, NY and Point of Contact Gallery in Syracuse, NY. 

Copyright © Lily Lagrange, all rights reserved

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