In an attempt to create representations of reality without spatial-temporal constraints, my visual research often begins with simple elements that are subjected to various processes, both physical and digital. Through these levels of transformation of the photographed subject, I try to dig deep while considering what is really hiding behind the surfaces that surround me, whether they are human or not.
The work Lacerazioni, developed during the first lockdown in 2020, is composed of a series of representations that, through the excision performed manually on each photograph, attempts to investigate the relationship between an external agent, light in this case, and the support on which the image is present. The physical processing of the images, first the printing of the photographs and then the cutting through which natural sunlight enters and permeates the subjects depicted, allows for a new vision of reality, almost a negation of it. The result of this cutting operation gives space for a new possibility of mutation: two elements that were not previously in contact are brought together, creating a new harmony. It is thus the negation of a part of the pre-existing object that allows the old representation to present itself in a new form, which is at the same time both the initial representation and its own negation. The vitality denied to the cut image allows a new harmony and randomness to be established, reflecting the biological behaviour of the world.

Lorena Florio (Pescara 1996) is a visual artist who works with photography. Her photographs, which often start from simple elements of reality, are subjected to different levels of processing both physical and digital in an attempt to transpose the representations within her own imagination. Shunning a deterministic and linear narrative, she emphasized a determined and constant experimentation, often recurring to a sculptural vision of her representations.
After graduating at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan, her works have been published in Quarantine flavour, Bad Taste and Mojo flavour by Yogurt Magazine, Mikros by Door factory, Conceptual Projects, Discarded Magazine, Artoday Projects, Rolling Stones Black Camera Italy, Fotonica diary, 20 seconds Magazine issue 4. Group exhibitions include: New Talents 2020 curated by ‘PEP’ at B-part gallery in Berlin (2020); Rea! Art Fair at Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan (2021); Contemporaneously Garbatella Images – body at 10b Photography curated by Francesco Zizola, Sara Alberani and Francesco Rombaldi (2021). In the current year she is among the ten winners of Paratissima – Liquida Grant Exhibition at Artiglieria Cont/temporary Art Center in Turin. In 2021 she has been a collaborator in the organizational team of Charta: a photobook festival in Rome curated and organized by Yogurt Magazine.
She currently lives and works in Rome.

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